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Welcome to PUI's Creative Digital Marketing. | Designing, creating and running Dynamic promotions to achieve optimum results for your products, services and events.

Web marketing, advertising, animation, online activities and client account portal performance data. | A PUI Brand

About Creative Digital Marketing

Our marketing services include running animated video and online activities, created to suit your specific marketing requirements. The founder of the Company has over 30 years of experience. This supports teams of experts in web development, web marketing, research, design, graphic artists, animators, online activity builders, online data, customer surveys, web partnering promotions and ecommerce systems. You will have the unique advantage of; rather than just looking GOOD, the digital media created is directly linked to sales performance and marketing data for growth! The business umbrella that supports Creative Digital Management 'PUI LIMITED' first started pre-trading development in April 2010. PUI supports services currently offered and new services being developed for the future. Research and digital development is supported by 'PuiRdd'.

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to provide and expand services to support your endeavours to provide services, products and events that achieve rewarding goals and solutions for the future.

VISION: Our services manage risk affectively and assist your decision making. We promote products, services and events that provide solutions to peoples particular needs related to living, learning, creating and enjoying safely.

Portfolio Introduction

Client: Woody wooden railway (e-shop);
Wooden railway combinations promotion 2013

These samples show 3 of many services.
Our promotion services run all gif and videos with built-in compatibility and plug-in updates for all Android and IOS.

(1) Graphics to add some affect. The smoke balls added can be animated.

Engine graphics png image

(2) Activity: Click the image, then drag to the other square and back again. This function was used for combinations selection on Woody's ecommerce system. This was also used as a learning activity for children and special needs, to match objects based on another image.

(3)Animated video

Products and Services | Summary

STARTER | Try us out first and open an account for:

1. Free gif animation downloads by theme. 2. Use our web script help service, where you can request web script support online and we will provide you with the scripts and instructions to create what you want. 3. Help with using software to make it do what you want it to do.

STANDARD | Upgrade from Starter

1. All services as described under starter. 2. Online support for site data and user dynamic functions; j query, java scripts, php forms for ecommerce, MySQL PHP, remote My SQL, web site interactions, data dynamics, and activities. 3. Ecommerce, design support and bootsrap conversions (incl Seller Deck / Actinic)

PREMIUM | Promotions w/ performance data reports

1. All services as described under STANDARD. 2. You are provided with a full Web Marketing service to create pages, videos, activities that are run on our promotions platform for your events, products and services; which will benefit from these services.